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On May 17, 2013
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Honda engine offers impressive performance, power and functionality, ergonomic handle design and overall good performer.

Full plastic construction detracts from its durability, rear bag can’t be used beyond half full.


Yard-Man isn’t your top of the line manufacturer that you go to when you want the best home and garden appliance but it is a viable option to consider. They usually price their products less than competing brands while offering the same features. The Yard-Man 11A-B29Q701 brings together the dependability and power of a Honda GCV160 ARCS engine with a wide cutting radius of 21 inches using a steel deck and combines 3-in-1 mulching, side discharge and bagging option. It even ships out with a bagger grass collector. This push type gas mower basically offers everything in a small price bracket.

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Our Review:

First of all, the Yard-Man 11A-B29Q701 wasn’t actually reviewed on Amazon when I purchased it for my tests. So, I really have no idea of what others think about this budget powerhouse. In my opinion it is just fine. I mean with all that I have to deal with in this mower I am really not complaining because of what I had to pay for it. At less than $400 trying to find a powerful and dependable engine is next to impossible and yet this Yard-Man packs in a ARCS GVC160 Honda engine. The engine starts easy, has automatic choke function and never stalls on me even when cutting through dense or long grass. But what really does annoy me is the plastic height adjustment module that never holds up under duress. It continuously keeps changing height and trying to keep it steady is what takes most of the time. Had this problem been not there I would actually have rated this as a 5 out of 5 gas push mower.

Thankfully, I got around this problem by actually shoving folded paper into the height adjustment slots to keep them from slipping. That did the trick and now I can mow my entire lawn regardless of the grass height in a single go. Just keep the customer care number for Yard-Man handy because doing this tends to quickly damage the front wheel height lever.

As for mowing experience, I rate it a perfect 5 star. Mulching, side discharge and rear bagging all work great. Just don’t try to completely fill up the rear bag as a half full bag begins spewing clippings all over the place. Connecting the bag, removing it, changing over to mulch and side discharge all work great with this mower. Overall, I have had a mixed reaction to this mower but I still believe that at the price it retails at, you won’t find anything better.

Features and Specs:

  • Push type gas mower.
  • Dependable Honda GVC160 ARCS Engine.
  • 12 inch and 8 inch back and front wheels with zag tread pattern.
  • Ergonomically designed easy to adjust handles.
  • For sale in California/CARB Compliant.
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Ease of Use
Engine Power
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Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proAt just less than $400, Amazon.com currently has the best pricing on the Yard-Man 11A- B29Q701. In fact, they are offering this inclusive of shipping so you actually end up saving more.

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A lawn mower is just as good as its engine. Even if every other component was top notch, the engine is what drives the mower and with the Yard-Man 11A-B29Q701 you are getting a top class Honda 160cc engine. It is only because of this fact and that it is an inexpensive heavy duty gas mower that I actually recommend this push mower. But if you can afford a little more I would suggest trying other models otherwise the Yard-Man does just fine.

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