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On April 9, 2013
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The WORX WG789 is a cordless lawn mower thus eliminating the need of staying connected to a power source or relying on exhaustible gasoline. Featuring Intellicut technology, this is a self driven mower that lets you decide the pace. It eliminates the need to push in order to get an accurate cut, instead automatically deciding on the appropriate cutting power. Total of 6 different positions via its 1 touch height adjustment lever for cut height and sturdy handle help you achieve precise cuts. The handle is also completely collapsible to help store it easier. The WORX WG789 features a battery power level meter and manages a total of 12500 square feet of area in just one full charge. It allows you to decide between side discharge, mulching and bag discharge. The battery is rated as a 36 Volt Lead acid accumulator and it comes with a return warranty of 30 days with a total of 2 year limited coverage.

Our Review:

One of the very first things that caught my attention with the WORX WG789 was its automatic pace control system. It is geared to operate in tandem with your pace so if you walk slow and push lightly on the handles, the mower settles on a slow pace and if you push harder, walk faster it goes as far as 3.2 miles per hour. This is handy as it helps you either quickly complete mowing or work slower and quieter near the edges. Another impressive technology is the availability of Intellicut torque with the push of a button. When you need extra power, set it to power mode and watch as the mower churns through tougher tracts of land with ease. Thanks to its battery operated motor and mowing system, small twigs and uphill gradients are no longer hard to handle. Moreover, because it is cordless by design, you can mow a total of 12,500 square feet, which is equal to about 4 football fields joined end to end.

Operating the WORX WG789 seemed to be easy and I hardly had to make any adjustments. The packaging came semi-assembled and I only had to choose whether to attach the rear discharge bag or leave it open for mulching or side discharge. The handle bar and its collapsible design don’t help all that much in storing the mower when not in use but thankfully, its removable battery design makes the mower lighter to store away in the shed. Being a Lead acid accumulator, it does require constant operations or else the battery tends to wither out. You could alternatively keep the water levels topped off at all times when the WORX WG789 is not in use.

List of Features:

  • Rechargeable and removable 36 Volt cordless design.
  • Intellicut technology helps self propel the mower and set the pace.
  • Adds additional torque when you really need it.
  • Battery lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes or 12,500 sq. feet approximately.
  • Expansive 19 inch cutting width with height adjustment between 1.5 and 3.5 inches.
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
Rating: 4.8/5 (1 vote cast)

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[/note] Conclusion:

As you hardly have to push it around unless of course to increase speed, you spend less effort and get more done. Overall, it is a lawn mower worth having regardless of your lawn size.


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