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On April 17, 2013
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This is a clean, green mowing machine. That’s what you have with the WORX WG775 Lil’Mo. It combines the ultimate in ease of use with a clean technology approach that will leave you feeling proud that you had a direct hand in reducing the carbon emissions that are the root cause of global warming and other environmental disasters on the near horizon. Your direct hands-on interaction with this mower is so enjoyable; you’ll want to be out there mowing every day. The grass collection bag pops on and off with little effort. It’s light enough, even when full, to handle and empty with ease. The 24 volt rechargeable battery is easily accessible and has a convenient carry handle for transporting to the recharge station and back. At 33 lbs fully loaded, the machine literally floats along as if on a cushion of air at the lightest of touch.

Our Experience with this model:

Quiet you ask? I could actually hear the music on my MP3 player as I mowed my grass. Try that with a gas powered machine. The smell and residual odors are gone. The only scent hitting your nose is the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass. I love that clean, breezy smell. There was no cord to hassle with and the battery life lived up to its claim of 30 minutes between recharges. That covers the size of my lawn with ease as the mower will cut up to 6000 square feet of grass in that 30 minute time frame but you can’t lollygag and stop to smell the roses. Just to give you some perspective, 6000 square feet is just slightly less than half a football field of grass. The experience was positive and I wasn’t bone weary from having to push a heavy machine and lift a heavy grass bag repeatedly. Just make sure you turn the machine off when you go to empty the bag. The 30 minute battery life doesn’t account for letting it run idle while you empty the bag. Starting and stopping the mower is just a matter of flipping the switch mounted on the right or left mower handle.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Featured mowing height that is adjustable from 1.8 to 3.3 inches; 14-inch cutting width
  • Three in one cutting for bagging/read discount and mulching
  • Starts with a single push of a button
  • You can change this mower anything with the removable battery
  • Designed to reduce fatigue as well as improve your control with an amazing ergonomic up-swept handle
  • Is able to chop up to amazing 6,000 square feel with just a single charge (allows for up to 30 minutes of run-time)
  • Weighing in at under 33 pounds – this mower is just right when it comes manageability
  • You can remove the battery and charge it separate from the lawn mower itself.
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  • The Pros: The highlights are that it’s extremely light weight and a joy to use because you don’t have to worry about smelling like gasoline when your finished with your yard. It’s super silent, we were even able to listen to our MP3 player while testing this machine out!
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  • The Cons: If you have a large yard you may want at least 2 charged fully batteries. While this machine it easy to use and has the power the cut heavy lawn, it uses a lot of battery.
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Rating: 4.4/5 (1 vote cast)

Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proWe recommend Amazon.com because at the time of this review, they have a nice discount on this item. They could also offering free shipping which is nice on the larger items. Because Amazon usually has the lowest prices, the mower sells quickly.

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[/note] Conclusions:

This is the best small deck, electric mower I’ve ever used. It cuts cleanly and decisively without bogging down or having to back over the same spot time and time again. The price of under $200 is very attractive. The fact that I’m using green technology appeals to me as well.


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