Six Golden Tips To Landscape Like The Pros

I read somewhere that over 22 million homeowners in America call in professional lawn care yearly to landscape their yards. To me this is absurd since what these so called pros do can be handled at a fraction of the cost and with a little more time by taking things in-house. Personally, I like to keep my lawn exclusive. Here are six golden tips that I follow.

1. Fertilize

A lawn is not a natural part of the environment and hence it will require a helping hand to get required nutrition. Mother Nature isn’t going to provide food to the soil and this is where fertilizers come to the foray. Pros actually use a lot of fertilizers in varying concentrations to make the yard grow lush and healthy. Out of all the ingredients used, Nitrogen is the most important nutrient as it promotes grass growth and keeps the lawn green.

My advice is to stick to organic fertilizers and refrain from chemical variants. This is essential if you compost directly from the lawn pickings.

2. Water

Fertilizers may help grow grass green and lush but to reach the deep crevices of the soil and enter roots, it needs water. So, to landscape well you need to regularly water the lawn. In summers, you will inevitably watch as the lawn dries up but watering it regularly even as it dries up is the best way to ensure a regular cover of green.

3. Mow

The crux of a properly maintained lawn is mowing. Mowing properly helps stimulate grass growth, removes dead grass and maintains a lush cover. So, make sure your mower blades are sharpened since you want to cut through grass not rip it to shreds.

Usually I cut about half inch at a time so as not to make deep cuts. Also I alter the orientation every time I mow. If it was lengthwise this time, next time I mow the lawn breadth-wise. This helps the grass to grow taller and perfectly straight. Also, 24 hours before I mow, I do not water the grass. Wet or damp grass is hard to cut and it can leave clumps in the yard, which in turn smothers the grass underneath.

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4. Trimming And Edging

This is my actual secret to a perfectly landscaped lawn. Experts spend more time trimming and edging than they do actually mowing and cultivating a lawn. Call it a professional manicure. In fact, most of the price landscaping pros charge is for this particular task as it gives your lawn a landscaped feel.

A mower is only capable of cutting grass on level terrain or wide expanse of land. To cut closer to fences, trees, flower beds and other objects you need a string trimmer. Similarly to edge around flower beds and gardens you need an edger. Alternatively, you could also use a shovel.

5. Mulch

Landscaping pros may drastically change the way your lawn looks in a matter of days but within a month you will want to call them back. The reason is they perform necessary aesthetic changes with the lawn but do not take steps to prolong the effects. Mulching is one way you can help maintain a picturesque lawn for longer. It helps in reducing soil erosion and surface evaporation. Plus, it helps shallow plants preventing freeze and frost damage.

Mulch decomposes over time and adds back natural nutrients to the soil while helping control weed infestations.

6. Compost

Another great way to maintain a landscaped lawn is to use compost or natural waste that comes out from your house and yard. To do this, get a composer that you can store away in your shed, backyard or a secluded space out in the open. Add anything organic to the composter and let it naturally convert into raw fertilizer that is organic and pure, ideal for your garden and lawn. Generally, you want to use as much dead plant, leaves and grass as you can. Egg shells, banana peels are also excellent additions. Once the compost is ready, you can distribute it over the entire landscaped lawn and let the nutrients slowly release into the soil, helping keep it healthy and maintaining its steady growth.

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