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On May 2, 2013
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Scotts 2000-20
Dual tracking wheels give the Scotts 2000-20 a classical design with thick handles and an ultra-sharp blade for accurate and efficient operation. Drawing all it’s power from you, this mower moves in a wide path, with three step height adjuster to provide the ideal grass height as desired by you. Packaged such that it needs very little assembly and zero tools, you are ready to cut grass in minutes of unpacking the new mower. With a wider 20 inch cutting width, you can manage to complete the mowing more efficiently and quickly than ever before. The snap height adjustments provide height changes between 1 to 3 inches tagged as low, medium and high making it simpler for you to decide on the appropriate height. In fact, you can get a total of nine different heights out of the Scotts 2000-20 push type mower. Adding to it’s ample height restrictions, it features ball bearings on the blade assembly with heat tempered steel blades, five in total, so that you can efficiently power the mower through any kind of grass leaving mulch behind to nourish new grass.

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Our Review:

The Scotts 2000-20 looks like any classical lawn mower with zero gasoline dependency, simple construction and possibly difficult usage. When I decided to try out the Scotts, I had a feeling that it would be harder to use since the website spoke nothing of any technological advancements used in it’s design. However, after having purchased this mower, tested it thoroughly, I must say, you really need no newer technology as far as push mowers go. When they are designed well, manufactured using quality components, the mowing process is just as easy as a gas powered mower.

For starters, this reel mower is so easy to handle with it’s five blade assortment and inclined handle design. As you push at the mower and walk at a leisurely pace, the blades spin at a sufficient pace to dice through large grass blades with ease. The faster you walk, the faster the blades spin but I found it much easier to just relax, take in the clean air, nature sounds as I gave my lawn an overhaul. Changing height was a breeze with an astonishing choice of 9 different settings. We tend to agree with the other 700+ customer reviews on amazon, there’s a reason why this reel mower is a best seller. Overall, it’s a lawn mower that I feel happy having tested for this website.

Two possible areas where the Scotts 2000-20 lacks a bit is in it’s ability to mow near edges and the inability to dice large twigs. First, the mower gets stuck in case you catch a large twig but thankfully it’s quite easy to remove it. Second, the mower can manage only 6 inches closeness to the edges as it’s a push type fixed direction mower.

List of Specs and Features:

  • Total of 9 Grass heights to opt from between 1 to 3 inch.
  • Snap height adjustment lever, 5 heat treated tempered steel blades.
  • Composite wheels, handle and mower design.
  • 20 inch width of mower with 10 inch dual wheels and radial tires.
  • 2 year long limited warranty coverage.
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Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proBecause we run a lawn mower review website, we have the chance to test out all kinds of lawn mower. Thankfully, we have a lot land and we usually test mowers for only a couple hours before coming to our conclusions. This is a great reel mower that we suggest for anyone in the market for a traditional reel mower.

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[/note] Our Conclusion:

Nothing too flashy and too advanced with the Scotts 2000-20 push mower. It’s traditional by design and efficient by it’s operation. Simple to maintain, easy to change the height and hardly any bother moving over uneven surface makes this a great mower for most homeowners. If you want to go green, invest into noiseless, gasoline free mowers then push mowers are definitely for you. They take the same time, hardly any effort and give the same results or at least the 2000-20 does.


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    Thanks so much for these reviews…it really helps me decide which mower is right for me and my lawn!!

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