Reel Mower Reviews

Reel mowers or push mowers were the first kind of mowers to be developed. Today the design may have been improved by the addition of a gasoline engine, electric motor or battery power but reel mowers continue to exist and sell in high numbers.

A typical reel mower consists of a mechanical arrangement of blades that are joined with the wheels through a system of axle and gears. As the wheels move forward or backward, the blades draw power and rotate with some torque. Hence, the harder you push the mower, the faster the blades start rotating. There are a ton of reel mowers on the market today, so we’ve hand picked a few to take a look at. We hope reel mower reviews helps make the buying process easier.

Considerations To Take When Purchasing A Reel Mower

[tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”Weight”]A reel mower performs well when it has a good weight. Too heavy and it becomes hard to push it but too light and it becomes difficult to cut through heavy grass. Basically, you have to balance the weight in a manner that makes it easy for you to move it around and still get a decent cut.[/tab] [tab title=”Height Adjustment”]Latest reel mowers come with a height adjustment system. Having this helps in deciding when to mow the lawn. Moreover, you can choose when to cut close and when to leave more grass.[/tab] [tab title=”Ease of Use”]By reading user reviews and complaints you can find reel mowers that are mighty easy to push around. Although these mowers lack engines or additional power sources, the innovative use of gears can help magnify the force exerted by you.[/tab] [tab title=”Cutting”]Find out beforehand whether your chosen reel mower works with the indigenous grass types and weeds growing in your lawn. Not all mowers are good with tougher grass species. Usually, larger the deck and heavier the machine the easier it is to go through dense grass.[/tab] [tab title=”Edging & Landscaping”]Traditional design of a reel mower prohibits users from edging or trimming at near the driveway and around flower beds. However, modern designs place the wheels behind the reel so that the entire front acts as the cutting head. These models are great at edging.[/tab][/tabs]

Best Reel Lawn Mower Reviews

[note color=”#ffeaea”] Fiskars 6201

fiskars 6201Average Customer Rating: 4.5-stars
Traditionally push type mowers are considered to be too much of a bother, but the popular Fiskars 6201 is ergonomically designed to reduce the effort one puts into mowing their lawns. Many people are using this reel mower for their lawns and it’s because of the great reviews on that we wanted to test this reel mower out and give an unbiased review ourselves.

ProsPros: Features an exclusive “StaySharp” cutting system. Ease to review
ConsCons: Some have reported that it has a problem cutting very tall grass. In our experience, it did quite well.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Scotts 2000-20

Scotts 2000 reel mowerAverage Customer Rating: 4-stars
The dual wheels are made such to provide for easy maneuverability making it ergonomic to move across varied terrains. The Scotts 2000-20 weighs under 40 pounds and is backed by a 2 year long limited warranty. Weighing in at 34 pounds, this reel mower makes cutting your from lawn or back yard extremely easy. It has received a ton of great reviews and we were happy to test it out.

ProsPros: Simple to assemble, lightweight and does a great job review
ConsCons: Not recommended for large yards with high grass.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Fiskars 6208

Fiskars 6208Average Customer Rating: 4-stars
With its sturdy design and ease of transport, Fiskars 6208 reel mower is absolutely a must have for people looking to get rid of their electric mowers with an economic option in hand. It comes with a two-year warranty but, I’m sure you won’t need that as it keeps going on and on. With a cut length of up to 3.5 inches, it is certainly the best for already maintained lawns.

ProsPros: Sturdily built, economical, easy to store and carry and comes read reviewwith a 2-year warranty.
ConsCons: Gets stuck up on thicker patches, falls apart while working on moles, gophers and skips cutting of taller grass.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Great States 415-165K1

Great States 415-165K1Average Customer Rating: 4-stars
A cost effective solution for your lawn mowing task, it is there to make mowing one of your favorite pastimes as compared to heavy and noisy electric or gasoline mowers. With ease of use, the Great States 415-16SK1 is certainly here to sway your mind away, making mowing an enjoyable task. It’s time to bid farewell to the rest with this one by your side!
ProsPros: The Great States 415-16SK1 is easy to assemble, carry, maintain and store;read review doesn’t contain any electronic components which require time to time replacement.
ConsCons: Misses out taller blades of grass, a gap between the blade and the wheel disables cutting against fences screws meant for blade adjustment are hard enough to be adjusted even with a pair of screwdrivers.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Sun Joe MJ420C

Sun Joe MJ420CAverage Customer Rating: 3-stars
Cutting grass of any thickness and to any height is quite easy requiring simple height adjustments at most. In fact, the simple design with it’s discharge bag to the rear makes it easier to mow without mulching. Also, the fact that it’s battery powered means absolutely no gas or oil! This battery powered reel mower is one of the easiest mowers you can possibly use on small to medium-sized lawns.

ProsPros: Cordless with a 90 minute battery review
ConsCons: We suggest that this reel mower to be used on smaller lawns.

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