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On May 16, 2013
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Poulan PO500N22S
[note color=”#E9E9E9″] Pros:
Decent mower design, lightweight, easy to push and good sized cutting deck.
Few units don’t start well, the side discharge leaves a trail near the rear left wheel and it isn’t great at handling inclines.

Priced perfectly below leading gas push mowers, the Poulan PO500N22S brings to the market a traditional design with phenomenal performance. This probably isn’t your top rated mower but it is an inexpensive gas mower with a good 500 series Briggs & Stratton engine (158cc) and overall good quality construction. It comes with 5 position adjustments for the cutting height eliminating the need to use tools. Plus, the 7 inch rear and front wheels make it easy to push around and maneuver. This particular mower comes pre-assembled.

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Our Review:

Those who have used a Poulan in the past already understand where the company is good at. It is in rehashing old working designs and making them work. No wonder they make dependable machines with a good shelf life. The Poulan PO500N22S is exactly this – it feels sturdy, well constructed, blessed with a good engine and has ample performance.

One thing that really did surprise me was that this mower can completely assembled from the manufacturers. I did not have to fit anything together. All I did was check the oil level, add the gas and made sure the reserve had a little gas in it. The thing started up with the first pull of the cord. Some reviewers have complained that starting this engine is slightly difficult, not something associated with Briggs & Stratton engines. The problem is that the manufacturers probably don’t do a proper quality control before releasing their units. Hence, poor engine response from the first time around probably is because of a clogged carburetor, faulty spark plug or clogged gas inlet. Check these if yours does not start and you should be fine from thereon.

Warranty covers any kind of defect but if it is caused due to poor oil quality or bad carburetor then Poulan doesn’t cover anything on the mower. So make sure you keep these two things under check. Other than that nothing really should come back to haunt you in the future.

As for the mowing experience, it was rather pleasant. Yes, it is kind of scary to move it uphill because of the deck design and the grass clippings blast out near the left rear wheel creating an odd trail along the way but otherwise you will love this machine. In fact, I find it to be the cheapest and most reliable gas mower in the market. If the complications I have pointed out scare you then it is best you look at something costlier than the Poulan PO500N22S. In my view, the price tag should equal the features and performance a mower offers. This Poulan does just that.

Features and Specs:

  • Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500 series 158cc engine.
  • 22 inch steel cutting deck size.
  • Can mulch and side discharge.
  • Non-CARB Complaint and not for Sale In California.
  • Push type gas mower.
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Ease of Use
Engine Power
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Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proAvailable with free shipping, the Poulan PO500N22S otherwise costs a lot if not purchased from Amazon.com. Amazon will also cover for returns and has got any replacement part that you may need for this product in the future.

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Now don’t expect miracles when you get the Poulan PO500N22S. But what you can expect is a conventional lawn mower with a small but powerful engine that helps mulch and side discharge. The engine is not difficult to start nor is it that hard to maintain this unit. In short, it is an inexpensive mower meant for folks in a tight budget and looking for a dependable and low maintenance machine. Just find out whether there is a Poulan service center nearby that upholds mower repairs under warranty before purchasing the PO500N22S.

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