All About Mower Blades – Maintenance And Replacement

Mower blade maintenance

A dull blade on the lawn mower is just as good as hitting rocks and branches with a stick, it is no good to your lawn. If your blade has developed curls, dings or nicks then it is time to change them up. Problem with dull blades is that it rips at the grass rather than cutting it clean and this leaves the grass susceptible to the weather and disease.

Sharpening The Blades

The blade can be sharpened by clamping it done with a vise and applying a metal file to the cutting edge. Just remember to always follow along the factory bevel angle after disconnecting the spark-plug wire and then taking the blade off.

But what about when the blade is totally damaged and needs sharpening with a bench grinder? You can take it to the service shop and let them sharpen it to you. They will in fact tell you if it is time to trash it and search for a new one. If you have a grinder in your workshop then you could save the time and do it yourself.

Using A Bench Grinder To Sharpen A Really Dull Blade

First, start by perpendicularly running the blade along the spinning wheel to get rid of nicks. This will flatten out any blunt edges. Then use the rest plate to hold the blade at the angle of the existing bevel and begin grinding along the length of the blade till you get a sharp enough edge.

The only thing to do now is to ensure that the blade is balanced. Many folks actually miss out on this particular fact. An off-kilter blade will severely impair the mower. All you need is a plastic balancer from the nearest equipment store. Place the blade on it and if any side dips then grind off a little steel from that end avoiding the cutting edge. With the blade balanced it is time to pack it back into the mower and start it up.

How To Remove The Blade?

For push mowers, you have to tilt the mower onto its side. With reel mowers it is simpler but with ride-on mowers, it is best to call in the pros. Start by wedging a piece of wood between the mower deck and blade to prevent it from spinning. Some hardware stores actually have special blade removal tools that make it all easy. To remove the blade you will need a socket wrench.

What If The Blades Can’t Be Sharpened?
That’s easy, change the blade on your mower. You will need the model, make and serial number of the mower. Head out to the nearest hardware store or repair center and ask for an exact match to the blades you got on your mower.

Remember that replacing or sharpening the mower blades will go a long way in protecting your machine but don’t forget about the pulleys, belt covers or belts. This is the best time to brush them off too. You will also find out if the belt needs replacement.

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