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Review of: Husqvarna RZ3016

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On April 13, 2013
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Husqvarna RZ3016
Bright orange, with catchy decals and plenty of innovative features, a power packed 16 and half HP Briggs & Stratton endurance motor give it all the necessary power and technological advancements to take care of an expansive lawn or yard. The 13 gauge cutting deck over a 30 inch stamped bottom is ample for larger yards. It relies on a single blade attachment and manual engagement system to get started. To provide users a chance to easily maneuver the lawnmower, it uses a special Dual Hydro Gear EZT system. This helps it pivot on the spot and take 360 degree turns almost instantly. Adding to its nimbleness and user friendly nature are the large back tires measuring 18 by 6 inches and smaller front tires of 11 by 5 inches.

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Our Review:

Heads up, the Husqvarna RZ3016 might look like a small ride-on lawn mower but it features a large 30 inch cutting deck, which is huge so this mower is only ideal if you really need to move around quick over a large yard with plenty of obstacles. One of the very first features that will catch your attention is its pivoting front wheels that give it a zero turning radius. This lawn mower need not back up in the face of an obtrusion, or move to the side to get over a wall, it can turn on the spot, and bypass the wall, uneven tract of land or tree with ease. It is this immense portability associated with the Husqvarna RZ3016 that makes it an excellent choice for the average homeowner with a large lawn or yard. To assist you in driving this compact beast, the dual hydro gear EZT system maintains gears and mechanisms in tune.

We found the 16.5 HP motor from Briggs & Stratton to be more than capable of handling uneven terrain, slopes and sudden undulations. With the large rear tires, moving uphill seemed easy and the smaller front tires with a rugged texture have sufficient grip on downward slopes. The cutting mechanism of this mower utilizes a single blade and provides you 30 inch cutting diameter, which can be controlled in terms of cutting height, method and much more. Quite simply speaking, the Husqvarna RZ3016 has got just the right amount of features with sufficient durability to keep you happy most of the time.

List of Features and Specifications:

  • 16.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine, single blade mechanism.
  • Zero turn design with dual hydro gear EZT drive.
  • Larger back tires and smaller front pivoting tires.
  • 13 gauge cutting deck with 30 inch deck.
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Ease of Use
Engine Power
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Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proThese are not inexpensive machines! We did our research to find the lowest price and we landed on At the time on this review, they are offering free shipping which is a GREAT deal when you’re buying large machines like this on the internet.

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[/note] Our Conclusion:

Not an affordable lawn mower but a convenience oriented ride-on mower that only the most knowledgeable of homeowners will be able to appreciate. Its $2000 plus price tag is justified by the sturdy construction, catchy orange design and zero turning radius with simple to use lever system. People with large yards, will want this the Husqvarna RZ3016 for its ride-on capabilities and extra features. It is the perfect technological lawn mower that every magnificent yard would love to have.

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