Husqvarna 967181801-R120S Review

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On July 8, 2015
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Husqvarna 967181801 review

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Articulated Rear wheels, greater control over slopes

Plastic body, needs regular maintenance


For those who don’t wish to go for a ZTR but still want more maneuverability associated with it, what are the options? The Husqvarna 967181801 R120S isn’t your typical lawn tractor neither is it a ZTR. It is at best, a hybrid of the two that is designed for agile movement and more power. With a 42 inch side discharging deck and dual blade arrangement, it works like an average lawn tractor but the front mounted cutting deck and articulated steering mechanism together make easy work of large lawns with lots of obstacles. Instead of sitting on-top of the cutting deck, it now features right in front of you in full view. This makes mowing that much easier. Some of its other features include easy-access controls, hydrostatic pedal operated transmissions and automated blade engagement. All the power is generated in the rear wheels that helps in ensuring maximum traction on slopes and also the possibility of carrying attachments such as a trailer, moss rake, snow blade and spreader.

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Our Opinion:

First and foremost, this is not a 4WD version, that costs nearly $2500 more. What it is however is a cheaper alternative with all-wheel drive. Ideal for 1.5 to 2 acre land with some hilly regions, this type of articulated mower tends to excel where slopes are a bit too much danger for ZTRs. It is a strong machine with good design but mostly plastic components. However, you won’t have to worry about failing parts although like any large mower, it does come with its own share of maintenance issues.

When you first receive this Husqvarna, assembly might be a pain. The instructions are not all that clear but take your time and get each component installed in sequence, oil topped off to the appropriate limits and cables installed as directed. Once ready, the unit starts up almost instantly with no issues. I would advise however getting a mechanic to assemble this beast for you as it isn’t that straight forward.

The first time you ride this beauty, it might feel bumpy with improper cut quality but take it easy and slow. The slower you go on this mower, the easier it is to handle and more fluent is the cut. Besides considering its size, it does easy work of large lawns and hilly terrains are absolutely no problem.

Coming to a few of its potential drawbacks, the lack of 4WD on this model tends to make the rear wheels spin a bit especially on soggy soil. The only way out of this is to drive slower than usual until the tires grip the surface.

Features and Specs:

  • 500cc 19.5HP Briggs & Stratton Engine delivers power to the cutting deck and rear wheels
  • Agile maneuverability thanks to unique Dual moving rear tires and articulated steering with hydraulic suspension
  • 42 inch cutting deck mounted at the front for bettering cornering and control
  • Mulching capability with the possibility to take on additional attachments
  • Hydrostatic pedal operated transmissions
  • Easy to travel over slopes thanks to a low center of gravity
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Ease of Use
Engine Power
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Our Rating and Overview:

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The Husqvarna 967181801 R120S is not the easiest of riding mowers to handle but it is definitely more feature rich. The unique design helps in better maneuverability and also greater control on hilly terrains so if you happen to have a lawn with lots of uneven slopes then this is the best solution for you. It turns on a dime, is easy to maneuver and after a while, reliable in its cut quality too.

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