How To Aerate Your Lawn For A Healthy Growth

Do you need to aerate your lawn? I have touched upon this topic in the Blog post, You Need To Aerate Your Lawn And It’s Not Called Stabbing Your Lawn To Death! In this home care post, we shall look into how aeration naturally occurs and the best practices to replicate this procedure.

Natural Aeration Happens Every Day

You may think the reason to aerate the lawn is because it isn’t naturally capable of doing so. Truth is that soil has its own mechanism to aerate over time. This is the reason why grass always survived even when we folks never aerated the soil. Earthworms are natural aerators of the soil. They funnel deep into the soil living out their entire life like many other creatures within the soil. Water too, as it freezes expands and creates furrows in the soil. As ice melts away and contracts, it leaves crevices that allow air to seep in.

aerate your lawn

What about Artificial Aeration? Read on and find out how you can aerate your soil.

Lawn Aeration Methods And Tools

You can spend a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars looking after your yard. Aeration tools can be sophisticated or simple but the process of aeration basically boils down to two methods to make holes. One is to use solid spikes and poke around the lawn and the other is to use core aerators. These are lawn plugs that you spaciously disperse around the lawn using hollow tubes to cut cylindrical sections of soil and dump the sections on the lawn. Out of these two methods, core aeration has a better work rate with high traffic lawns. Spike aerated soil tends to compact quicker.

Coming to the tools for aeration, there are plenty. You could wear spikes on your shoes or use spiked wheels with gas power to quickly aerate your lawn. Alternatively for large yards, you can strap spikes onto your tractor wheel and drive around or start poking on a small yard. For massive yards there are expensive devices available on rent. And finally you could always hire professional help to get the job done.

After you have decided on the perfect tool for the job, it is time to prepare for aeration. The first step in preparations is to wait for the optimal time. This is when grass grows at the highest rate. Remember never to aerate the soil in a heat wave or during a drought. This will only cause the inherent moisture in the soil to dry up. Also before aerating moisten the soil up. Do this a few days before you actually aerate to let water seep deep into the soil.

Landscaping professionals prefer making dual pass on a tuft of land to aerate it properly. This helps in ensuring that the entire yard is well perforated. And once you have finally aerated the soil, it is time to irrigate it, apply fertilizers, drop in seeds if necessary and continue caring for the lawn as you normally do. A word of caution, do not let pets, children or yourself wander onto the lawn for 24 hours after aeration. And, aeration is a time when weed finds its way into the soil so be careful to remove all weed in your lawn before aerating it.

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