How A Lawn Mower Works?

I wonder what my lawn would look like if it was never mowed… If someone would not have invented the lawn mower, we all would have probably been plucking weed and cutting grass with a pair of scissors. But have you ever wondered how a lawn mower works? Granted, having this piece of information isn’t going to help you much but it doesn’t hurt to know more. Actually, it is quite simple.

how lawn mower works

The Make-up Of A Lawn Mower

The basic construction of a lawn mower consists of a blade that rotates fast, horizontally, clipping all extra growth it its way, thanks to the power provided by a rotary motor. Therefore, when the blade rotates, it cuts everything above a certain height in its way and pushes the clippings away, making room for additional clippings eventually. The latter statement brings us to the idea of a casing or what we all know as deck. This deck is like a cover that keeps the grass from falling and flowing all over the place. Think of it as a barrier between the rest of your lawn and the mowed area. It also helps in diverting the clippings into a discharge bag or to one side. This basic mechanism remains the same regardless of the size or type of lawn mower, be it 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled.

Transmission Of Power To The Blades

As you know, a lawn mower can be powered by an internal combustion engine or via electric motor. This motor or engine is directly attached to a throttle. As long as the throttle is open, power flows to the lawn mower. So how does the motor operate? Well, the motor powers a vertical axis or rod that is connected to the blade. Once you turn the power on and push the throttle, the motor moves the vertical axis and in turn rotates the blade at high speeds of 3000 rpm and more. You hold the lawn mower by its handle and move it forward. As you move, the blade rotates at the defined speed and cuts grass in its way.

What Happens To The Clippings?

The clippings are usually collected in a bag, which comes with the mower or in some cases, usually inexpensive mowers, it falls back on the ground. Some lawn mowers might offer the option to mulch, which is simply cutting the clippings even further to reduce its size.

The basic design and working of a lawn mower remains pretty much the same. There are different types of lawn mowers that are available in the market, some of which are commercial and others are for domestic use. Regardless of this design, every mower relies on an engine or motor driving a set of blades to cut through grass.

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