Hibernating Your Lawn Mower And Spring Clean Up

hibernating mower
Your lawn mower might come with a generous 2 to 3 year warranty but no company is going to honor this warranty if you haven’t done routine maintenance work. If you really aren’t interested in maintaining your lawn mowers then buy some cheap Chinese piece of crap from a discounted store. Fact is that if you really want to keep your mower chugging along in a perfect condition then you have to give it a helping hand once every year.

Hibernating Your Lawn Mower

Your lawn mower runs off an engine and as with any engines that stay stagnant through the winter, it needs to undergo the appropriate hibernation procedure. This means leaving it covered in a garage throughout the winter, replacing parts soon afterwards and maintaining it regularly. Here are a few tips on how to hibernate your lawn mower.

  • Keep replacement parts or kits handy as you will inevitably use some of them after winter.
  • Buy blades in bulk so that you pay less and spend less time sharpening them.
  • Think of bundle purchases with a new mower such as for the kits, blades and other stuffs along with the mower. Buy for a long period.
  • Before winterizing your mower, make sure to remove any fuel left in the tank and run the engine until it sputters out of life. Then use anti-freeze solution along with a bit of gasoline to prevent clogging of the engine during the winter months.
  • Always jump start the engine after cold storage to kick life back into it.

Spring Maintenance

A spring tune-up isn’t a bad idea. In fact, doing this drastically improves the performance of a mower and helps keep it running smoothly. For every 3,000 miles you usually change oil in your car. The same is necessary for a mower every mowing season. Basically, maintaining a mower is similar to maintaining a car.

  • Replace the spark plug every season or if there is some life left in the spark plugs then clean them out thoroughly.
  • Replace the air filters too every year. The filters help keep dust, mold and dirt away from the engine prolonging its life and helping you stay in warranty.
  • And finally, use a fuel stabilizer for your lawn mower as gasoline today is mixed with Ethanol. This keeps the engine purring with pleasure. It unclogs the fuel lines and removes moisture.
  • Inflate the tires regularly. It reduces load on the engine and makes mowing easier.

Remember to take your lawn mower to authorized service centers or the mechanic every year for an annual checkup. This helps prevent future complications reducing your overall cost of maintenance. These steps or rather precautions ensure that your warranty remains intact. So, just in case the mower gives up, the repair techs at the service center won’t have any excuse why not to honor your warranty.

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