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On April 17, 2013
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Greenworks 25022
The Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower boasts of ZERO carbon footprint, along with an impressive 4 year warranty. Despite its relatively small size, the 25022 integrates the power of a gas operated mower with the convenience of an electric appliance. With a heavy-duty 12-amp motor at its core, this mower can bag, mulch and even use the traditional side discharge, and is therefore suited for homes with small, flat lawns. The 20” steel cutting deck allows for more grass chomping in less time, whereas the single-lever height control feature presents a fuss-free adjustment of the mower’s cutting height.

Our Review:

Given the company’s determination towards producing environmentally responsible lawn and yard tools, we didn’t for once doubt the ZERO footprint tag of the Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower. However, what we really wanted to see was if this electric lawn mower was able to match up in terms of power and work rate with its gas guzzling counterparts.

One of the first differences we noticed with this mower was that its deck was made of metal and not plastic, and was therefore much thinner. Now, from a practical point of view, we found this aspect quite advantageous, as we were able to mow really close to the sewer clean out stand pipe that was on our lawn. Plus, the mower features a 20” steel cutting deck instead of the traditional 18” or 19” decks found in conventional mower designs. This meant that we were able to mow our lawn with fewer passes.

Other features of this electric that impressed us included the likes of the 1-button safety and the nifty height adjustment lever. The safety feature is easy to use and with the full length bar, we could comfortably hold on to the mower and maneuver it around the lawn. The height adjustment feature was pretty neat, and while other models do offer this adjustability aspect, we felt that the 7-position lever of the Greenworks lawn mower to be of a far superior quality.

Since we were testing this machine on 10ft x 9 ft lawn, we faced a problem with cord management as the mower’s small cord length made it impossible to reach the farther areas of lawn. When we contacted Greenworks, they suggested that we use a 14-gauge extension cord, and it basically solved the cord management issue once and for all. For people who need more than 100 ft cord length, the company suggests that you go for the 12-gauge extension.

Features and Specifications:

  • No oil ,gas or tune ups thus making the lawn mower virtually maintenance free and environment friendly
  • Powerful 12-amp motor for more mowing power
  • 3-in-1 steel deck offers choice of mulching, bagging or side discharge
  • 7-position height adjustment lever for fast and effortless setting of cutting height
  • Folding and storage made easy with the conveniently placed cam lock on the handle
  • Innovative cord lock feature to protect against snag and prevent the cord from getting disconnected during mowing
  • 4 year product warranty – double the industry standard
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
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Our Rating and Overview:

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[/note] Conclusion:

More than its environment friendly characteristics, families with small to average sized yards will simply love the Greenworks 25022 for its versatility. The absence of oil or fuel intake system greatly reduces the overall weight of this lawn mower and in doing so makes it easy to maneuver around slightly uneven yards and close to solid objects likes pipes. And with the right type of extension, the problem of limited cord length can be easily fixed.

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  1. Lee Brisbois says:

    How long does it take to charge the 25022? And How long will it mow WITHOUT the extension cord being attached???

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