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On May 28, 2014
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Great States 415-165K1
[note color=”#E9E9E9″] Pros:
With this lawn mower, it’s easy to adjust wheel height and cut the grass, it is environmental friendly with no oil or gas burnt during usage and needs very occasional maintenance like oiling and blade sharpening.
Lawn mowing becomes a time-consuming task with this lawn mower as, you need to mow certain areas repeatedly, cuts are as wide as the blades, need to replace the foam handle by the coming summers.

Gone are the days when mowing your lawn involved a lot of sound and air pollution along with a huge expenditure. Reel mowers have replaced them to a great extent. One of the top lawn mowers about which I am going to tell you today is the Great States 415-16SK1. It is a sturdy yet easy to use lawn mower which doesn’t require any sort of electronic components to run it. It can be stored and carried easily and is perfect for mowing small to medium lawns on which grass is cut on a regular basis. It works well on dandelions and clovers, but is certainly not made for grass that is heavily grown. But as compared to electric mowers, its cut is uneven and you might need to go through some areas repeatedly for giving your lawn a finished look. Small stems and wood sticks are liable to block the reel and you might need to remove them manually.

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Our Take:

The Great States 415-16SK1 has been designed especially for lawns which are small in size, maybe somewhat more or less than 1000 square feet. It is also under the price range of $100, which is quite affordable. If you have always kept on mowing your lawn on a regular basis and looking for a change from electric or gasoline mowers, then this one is certainly for you. It cannot cut grass which is more than 3 inches long in one go, but if you are looking to just maintain your regularly attended lawn, it’s a great option to opt for. As compared to electric or gas mowers, there is no noise pollution created with this one, no oil or gas wastage, no power components which need replacement from time to time, no power or pull cord- so you can carry it as far around the lawn as you wish without any worries about the wire falling short. Pushing it through the lawn is easy and it makes a really pleasant sound while cutting your grass. The price is almost nothing as compared to expensive electric or gas mowers. No dirt or dust is stirred up during the mowing process, so even while you are mowing your kids can play in the lawn, without carrying any sort of filth. It can be easily stored anywhere and you can do the mowing job at any time- be it midnight or daytime- trust me, no one will be disturbed.

Coming towards the cons of the Great States 415-16SK1 lawn mower, it is liable to cutting your grass unevenly and you might have to face the problem of moving it to certain areas repeatedly in order to get a polished look. If you haven’t taken care of your lawn since a couple of weeks, then this mower shall prove to be unsuccessful in doing the mowing job for you since it is unable to handle grass which is higher than 3 inches- it will just get rolled over and stay there again. You will need to lubricate and brush it after every use-only then it will provide you with a lifetime service- WD40 works great as a lubricant on this surface. A gap between the blade and the wheel disables mowing from around the fences which is another issue- imagine your entire lawn perfectly mowed and the edges grown tall. How untidy it’s going to look? During the assembling, I also found it difficult to attach the T-handle to the reel and had to make use of a hammer to push it in.

Features and Specs:

  • A cutting width of 16 inches.
  • Easy height adjustment from ½ inch to 2 ¾ inches.
  • 10” ball-bearing wheels.
  • Powder-coated handle which increases durability.
  • Blades are treated with heat in order to remain sharp for long and mow lawns evenly.
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
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Our Rating and Overview:

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The Great States 415-16SK1 Lawn Mower is one of those which don’t require any type of oil or gas for functioning. It is noise-free, environment, as well as pocket friendly. It works great on grass which is cut on a regular basis, while doesn’t perform much highly on grass which is longer than 3 inches. But when we consider the pros, the cons seem to be quite smaller, as they can be overcome is some way or the other. At the most competitive price of around $100, it is a must have for those middle budget people out there.

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