Gas Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

How to Find the Best Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Gas Lawn Mowers are easy to pick from considering they come either as self driven or push types. Well, there is more to it than just how they are operated. For starters, the basic difference of self driven and push type mowers have got plenty of choices amidst them so you would ideally want to learn what each type has to offer.

Push Vs Self Powered

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The name says it all, a push type needs physical exertion to get it moving around or even turning the mower. So, expect a lot of back breaking effort to get such kind of mowers up a hill or along long uneven terrain. On the other hand, self powered variants propel the mower using some of the engine power, driving either the back or front wheels along. This makes it easier traveling uphill and getting large tracts of land mowed.

If you have a relatively smaller lawn then a push type will suffice. However, for folks with a really large tract of land and plenty of uneven surfaces, self powered mowers are better. Remember that self powered mowers cost more because of the inherent intricacies in dividing the engine power between the blades and the wheels, without compromising on mower’s performance.

Having decided on the exact type of gas powered lawn mower, you can move onto more important considerations such as.

Starting Mechanism

A manual starter usually requires a lot of back strength and good arm movement to pull or yank at the start cable. Thankfully, today they are much easier to operate. Look for something that makes it easier to pull the cable or opt for an electric starting system with a turnkey ignition or a button starter. These are costlier but much more user friendly. Besides they don’t have the associated kickback from the engine in case it fails to start.

Wheel Traction

This particular consideration applies only to self driven gasoline mowers. Rear wheel drive will provide ample traction to climb hills but front wheel traction helps move on flatter surfaces by pulling the mower instead of pushing it. Imagine what kind of surface you will mostly be dealing with to decide on whether a rear wheel or front wheel drive is best for you.

Discharge Options

Are you going to mulch grass and use it as the base for your subsequent lawn? Will you need a bag at the rear for disposal or are you fine with a side discharge chute? Ask yourself these questions and if you have answered yes to two or more of them then look for a 3-in-1 kind of lawn mower that comes with the option of using a discharge bag, side discharge chute or mulch.

Cutting Dimension

Cutting bottoms for gas mowers usually vary between 18 to 32 inches. Wider cutting bottoms and blades are efficient but also difficult to maneuver. The choice is between usability and efficiency. Make the choice based on the dimensions of your lawn or yard.

Height Adjustment

In the past, gas mowers required height adjustment to be made individually to each wheel. Today, you can find single lever designs or push button height adjustment systems. Choose based on how many times you will be adjusting the height or whether you really want to spend a lot on something that you will hardly ever use.


Blade design matters a lot as it decides whether your mulch can actually become nourishment for the lawn or if its only suitable for disposal. It is best to buy additional blades for your gas mower so that you can replace them depending on what kind of application you plan for.

Other than the above lawn mower specific considerations, you also have to look at the engine the mower uses. Most gasoline lawn mowers are 2 stroke engines but some are CARB compliant while others are not. Depending on where you are situated, you might want to look at CARB compliant models. Then there is the consideration of engine design, size and weight. Just remember when deciding on engine size and output, larger is heavier and harder to control but lighter is inefficient and easier to move around.

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