Garden or Lawn Tractor Buyer’s Guide

Those who have a large yard or lawn will want to skip past reel mowers, push mowers and move into the realm of riding lawn mowers. However, there are different kinds of ride-on mowers, each with its specialty and drawbacks. So, how do you choose the appropriate mower for you and your lawn?

First let’s talk a little about the three different kinds of Garden or Lawn Tractors.[note color=”#e8ffc7″]

Lawn Tractorslawn tractor

These mowers are made for half acre yards or larger. Their cutting width and size vary widely and they can accept variety of attachments, handle plenty of other outdoor chores such as snow removal, aerating, bagging, hauling etc.


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garden tractorGarden Tractors

These tractors feature a rugged construction, powerful transmissions, more HP and wider cutting widths. They are great for undulating plains, massive yards and also to pull heavy loads. Many attachments help it perform plenty other outdoor chores too.


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Choosing The Type Of Garden or Lawn Tractors

To decide on the right kind of riding lawn mower, ask yourself the following three questions.

  • Is maneuverability really important? Or do you have plenty of obstacles in your yard?
  • What cutting width and range will suffice for your yard?
  • Do you plan on bagging grass and multitasking?

If you answered yes to only the first question then look at Zero-turn radius mowers. If you answered yes to the second or third question or even both then look at garden tractor. If you only want the third option then go for a lawn tractor.

Having decided on the type, here is a checklist of things that your specific riding lawn mower should have.

  • Handling – No matter what kind of mower you get, if its too hard to handle, you will eventually want a new mower. So, try out ride-on mowers before you purchase them.
  • Speed – Do you need a multi-speed system? If you have obstacles dispersed around a wide expansive yard then you need to be able to change speed. This will let you mow better around obstacles.
  • Cutting Path – Riding mowers come with different cutting widths. It is the size of the deck on the mower that determines how many passes you will need. Smaller the yard, less is the cutting width required. For yards no more than 1.5 acres a 30 to 40 inch cutting deck is fine. For 1.5 to 3 acres choose 40 to 48 inch decks and for 3 acres or more go above 48 inch decks.

Additional Features For More Productivity

Lawn Tractor
While most folks choose riding mowers to simply reduce the burden of mowing their land, later many realize the immense potential these tiny tractors possess. Here are a few add-on features that can come handy to you in future, if your mower has it.

  • Aerators will let you aerate the lawn as you mow around.
  • You can fertilize as you mow if your mower can accommodate a spreader behind it.
  • Dump carts convert your ride-on mower into a tiny tractor.
  • Snow blowers will help you keep your driveway and lawn free from snow.
  • Sweepers will let you keep your lawn clean of debris, clippings and leaves.
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