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On May 28, 2014
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Fiskars 6208
[note color=”#E9E9E9″] Pros:
Easy to push, sturdy construction, economical, silent with a comfy hand-grip, easy to carry and store.
Skips cutting taller grass evenly, doesn’t cut even when you pull it backwards, gets jammed with grass on thick patches.

If you’ve ever been stuck up on the messy electric mowers, now is your opportunity to move towards Fiskars 6208 reel mower, which is certainly going to refresh your mind. It is sturdily and simply built lawn mower which will surely make the mowing task much entertaining for you by giving you some feeling of cardio workout as well. It can cut grass up to a height of 3.5” with ease, leaving your lawn with a perfect carpeted finish. Quite lightweight and easy to transport, this lawn mower is certainly a relief from those heavy-duty electric mowers. Not just that, it is easy to assemble- all you need is a socket wrench with 11 and 18mm sockets and even a kid will be able to accomplish the task. Not just is this mower silent but, also environment friendly, freeing you from the hassles of filling up gas or connecting extension cords in order to get the mowing job done.

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Our Take:

Developed especially for people who prefer a reel mower to the rotary mower, Fiskars 6208 is one of those reel mowers which will make you feel not just relieved from the sound pollution caused by electric ones, but will also be easy on your pocket as they don’t need any kind of fuel or electricity to get themselves going. Just hold them by the handle and keep strolling- the mowing job shall be done just like that. Assembling it is so easy that even a kid in your family can do the job perfectly. It is quite a must-have for people who hate using the electric mowers and have a small to medium-sized lawn. What more? Since it doesn’t make any noise, you can do the mowing job at any time during the day or even night- no more botheration to your neighbours now. Grass with a length of up to 3.5 inches can be cut with ease and it is a great option for maintaining a lawn which is mowed on a regular basis.

Next, another great thing about this mower is that it doesn’t catch clippings of the cut grass. Now you must be thinking what’s great about that. Scientific studies have proved that clippings are the best fertilizers for your lawn and if you leave them there, your lawn will be as healthy as beautiful. Studies also reveal that mowing can be the best workout for you. Pushing the reel mower across your yard can be beneficial for your legs, your arms as well as your rear side. Coming back to its cutting features, Fiskars 6208 has a great cutting edge for taking away all unwanted stuff from your lawn, but it is certainly not meant for grass which is higher than 4 inches. In addition, you can keep control on what is to be cut and what not to be.

On the contrary, Fiskars 6208 cannot be used for lawns with a dense outgrowth as, it seems to simply roll over taller strands of grass without cutting them well. Additionally, it doesn’t comprise of inset wheels for a close cut and it also has a less powerful gear system which means that you will have to exert yourself in order to get it running through the lawn. Moving on, this mower falls apart on lawns which have gophers, moles etc. At times, even the screws fall down while the mower is in use. It also gets jammed in thick patches of grass for which you will need to pull it back and then push it forward again to get going.

Features and Specs:

  • Imparts a clean cut to your grass without bearing the hassles of rotary mowers.
  • Makes mowing quite an easy task as compared to other reel mowers- thanks to the advanced technology used in it.
  • Forget jammed twigs as this reel mower is equipped with inertia drive reel which is patent pending giving it more than 75% cutting power.
  • Hard steel blades which cut the grass without touching and also reduce friction which imparts long life to the blades thus saving you the expenditure involved in sharpening blades annually.
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
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Our Rating and Overview:

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The Fiskars 6208 is the best machine for those who wish to have some sort of exercise while mowing the lawn, although it is not much recommended for old people who have difficulty in walking around. It is affordable not just with respect to price but also for usage, as it doesn’t require any type of fuel or electricity to be run. So, if you have a lawn which just needs regular cost-effective maintenance, this one is just apt for you.

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