Electric vs. Gas – Which Mower is the best?

Electric Vs Gas Mowers
Are you a new homeowner who has just bought a spanking new home and are planning to move in? There must be a hundred things you need to do, and no home can be complete without a well-manicured lawn. So, you are stuck with making the decision – whether to go for an electric or gas mower. While both are good, here is a comparison detailing the pros and cons of both types of mowers.

What is the size of your lawn?
The first point you need to consider is, taking into account the size of the proposed lawn. Is your house located on a fairly large-sized plot and you plan to have an extensive lawn that will comprise choice, fresh bermuda, of the hybrid variety? In that case, you can’t just manage with an electric mower, which has its own limitations. It is better to go for a gas mower that does not have any restrictions and can be used anywhere. Whereas an electric lawn mower has a cord that restricts the movement greatly. It is unwieldy to have an extra long cord to cover a half acre lawn.

Gas mowers are sturdy
In case you are a person who travels frequently, and have to be away for long periods of time, a gas mower should be your automatic choice. Gas mowers are power-packed and can mow even overgrown, lawns with consummate ease. So, after you are back from a long trip, you don’t have to be dismayed at the prospect of mowing an overgrown lawn if you have a gas mower, whereas an electric mower just isn’t meant for that sort of heavy-duty work.

Electric mowers are easy and less messy
One undeniable advantage that an electric mower has over the gas mower is that it is almost whisper-silent and less messy. Unlike a gas mower, which makes a din and racket that can be unbearable, the electric mower whirs silently and completes the job. There are battery operated electric motors, which need to be charged for quite a few hours (even up to 8 to 10 hours) before you can start off on the lawn. Whereas a gas mower, especially the new ones start at the push of a button. There are a few models, which still have starter cords that need to be pulled on to start the mower. However, it makes sense to go for the sleek modern machines that have push buttons.

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