Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

If reel mowers were the first generation then electric mowers can be called the third generation of push behind mowers. Gas mowers naturally become the second generation. As with any new generation of machinery, there are always a lot of advantages over previous generations.

An electric mower operates on electricity, either drawn from a power source or from batteries carried on its body. The motor converts this electric power into mechanical energy driving the blades at high speeds and at times powering the wheels too. The effectiveness and efficiency of electric mowers is actually the highest among all types of push mowers. Take a look at our electric lawn mower reviews and find one that fits your needs.

A Few Things to Think About Before Buying an Electric Lawn Mower

[tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”3-in-1 Clipping”]Many new units let you decide how to handle grass clippings. Choose a mower that gives you this ability so that you can decide when to mulch, discharge or bag cut grass.[/tab] [tab title=”Self-Propelled”]Electric mowers can help you in mowing a large lawn by delivering a fraction of the motor’s power to the wheels. They can move at variable speeds in the range of 1/3 to 5 mph. Furthermore, you can decide on either a rear or front wheel drive based on the terrain. Rear wheel goes best with slopping surfaces while front wheel drive works well on flat terrains. Moreover, rear wheel usually cuts through tough grass quicker and more efficiently. However, self propulsion can increase the weight by an extra 20 to 30 pounds.[/tab] [tab title=”Warranty”]Read carefully what the warranty covers. Usually additional accessories or components do not fall under the warranty. Only the frame and motor comes under extended warranty.[/tab] [tab title=”Variable Speed”]Having the ability to adjust your speed or even the cutting speed of the blades is an excellent option. It lets you operate more carefully around obstacles like planting beds and trees. Moreover, when you want to quicken the pace out in the open, you can switch to the highest speed.[/tab] [tab title=”Cord Vs. Cordless”]Electric mowers either come with a battery or a cord. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day it is your decision. If you have to move far away from a power source, a cordless works best. However, corded versions tend to cost less and provide greater power.[/tab][/tabs]

Top 5 Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

[note color=”#ffeaea”] Black & Decker SPCM1936

Black Decker SPCM1936Average Customer Rating: 4.5-stars
Ergonomically designed, well featured and environment friendly, the Black & Decker SPCM1936 looks and feels like it is made to last. What more can you ask for? The SPCM1936 includes a removable 36V battery that is perfect for cutting lawns up to 1/3 acres. With electric lawn mowers, we can all finally say “GOODBYE!” to the days in inhaling harmful gassy fumes!

ProsPros: Removable battery with charger. 2 year warranty.black decker spcm1936 review
ConsCons: Some have reported that is lacks a bit of power. In our tests, we disagree.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] WORX WG789

WORX WG789Average Customer Rating: 4-stars
Green design, simple operation, effective mowing and additional power on demand make the WORX WG789 an excellent lawn mower for domestic applications. Large fields or yards are no obstacle in front of this mower thanks to it’s 45 minute operational time and large reach. Out of the box, we found that assembly was incredibly easy and only took about 15 minutes to set everything up.

ProsPros: Rechargeable battery and plenty of power.WORX WG789 Easy to assemble.
ConsCons: Well, you have to charge the battery… Which some people may not like.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Black & Decker MM875

Black Decker MM875Average Customer Rating: 3.5-stars
Regardless of how you prefer to mow, be it mulching, collecting discharge via a rear bag or leaving it free to fall, the Black & Decker MM875 electric mower has got enough versatility and performance to match your style. Adjusting the height of the cutting deck takes hardly any effort and with the comfort grip, you can mow in a posture that best suits your back and shoulders.

ProsPros: Comfortable grip, adjustable and simple to use.Black Decker MM875 review
ConsCons: This mower is corded, so try to not run it over!
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] WORX WG787

WG787Average Customer Rating: 3.5-stars
The charging power of the this lawn mower is absolutely remarkable. We found that one full charge was able to give us nearly 15,000 square feet of cutting power. We strongly believe that just about anyone can use this lawn mower without much hassle. It rocks IntelliCut mowing technology which makes cutting your grass a breeze and something you can look forward to.

ProsPros: Push button starter is the real feature here.WORX WG787 review
ConsCons: The mowing blade is only 16 inches, some people prefer a large blade.
[/note] [note color=”#f1f1f1″] Earthwise 60120

60120Average Customer Rating: 3 stars
Green and powerful seldom go hand in hand but this lawn mower manages to inculcate both these attributes quite well. A large battery, with a good life, great motor and blade arrangement, 20 inch large cutting diameter all play to the advantage of this silent green lawn mower. It’s simple to use and very powerful at the same time. The Earthwise 60120 feels and operates much like a powerful gas mower.

ProsPros: Height adjustment, cushion grips, will cuts 20 inches at a time.Earthwise 60120 review
ConsCons: Well, you have to keep the battery charged.
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