Electric Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

How to Find the Best Electric Lawn Mower

Gas mowers are out and eco-friendly electric mowers are in. It’s not because of the exhaust or the pollution rather the noise level that keeps the entire neighborhood on the edge. Urban culture now mandates the use of electric mowers. In fact, with the improvements evident in electric models, it makes better sense shifting from gas powered mowers than making a horrible ruckus on weekends.

Additional advantages of going green include zero oil changes and zero spark plug problems. You never again have to worry about spilling gas, replacing air filters and refueling. The only thing to maintain in an electric lawn mower is the blade. It needs periodic sharpening or replacements – effectively the total bill for an entire summer of mowing piles up to just $5 with an electric lawn mower. The only place where gas mowers actually make better sense is if you have a large yard and if initial investment is something you are worried about.

How To Use This Guide

I will point out the two main categories of electric mowers and explain them in brief letting you get a better idea about their pros and cons. Once you have zeroed in on a particular type of electric mower, you can use the quick buying tips to select an appropriate model for your requirements.

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[note color=”#f1f1f1″] Corded Electric Mowers

One might even call these mowers as traditional electric mowers. In fact, the first generation of electric variants were corded with a long extension cord that lets it travel up to 100 feet away. All you have to do is plug it into a power source and start mowing your lawn. The wider a mower is the faster your yard is traversed however if it has a lot of obstacles a corded version can turn out to be frustrating as you can easily get the cord entangled or even caught up in the blades, which is a really bad experience to go through.

Deck Size – 14 to 20 Inches

Price – $199 onwards

Tips To Buy A Corded Electric Mower

  • Deck Size – The deck size can vary from 14 to 20 inches and the wider the deck the quicker you can finish mowing. Moreover, it reduces the number of passes necessary to get the perfect grass height. However, larger the deck more is the cost.
  • Grass Clippings – Usually you get a 2-in-1 design for most corded mowers with a choice between side discharge and mulching option. 3-in-1 models cost more but allow you to attach a bag to store your clippings, which saves you time and effort clearing a freshly mowed lawn.
  • Extension Cords – The extension cord of your mower determines the average reach. Longer the cord the more ground you can cover. So, purchase one with a long reach cord. However, 100m or more extension cord for a lawn mower usually boosts the price by 1/3rd of its actual cost.
[/note] [note color=”#e8ffc7″] Cordless Electric Mowers

Cordless versions are great for those who hate having to deal with a cord or for people who have a large yard that is not possible to mow with a corded electric mower. They have the same mobility of a gas mower minus the noise and headaches. On a full charge you can get up to 1 hour of mowing time but it usually depends on the size of the battery. Most mobile electric mowers use a 24 or 36 Volt batteries.

Deck Size – 12 to 22 Inches

Price – $250 onwards

Tips To Buy A Cordless Electric Mower

  • Battery – The battery size not only decides how long you can operate the mower but also determines the torque or output of the lawn mower. Larger the battery output the more is the torque produced by the motor. They can either come as NiCad or Lead-acid accumulators. Both are good but have different charging times.
  • Self Propulsion – With cordless electric mowers, you have an option of either purchasing a push type or self-propelled machine. If you have to navigate too many slopes or have a large yard, a self propelled unit is a better choice. However, such mowers tend to drain the battery quicker and the torque produced in the blades is less.
  • Mulching –
    In order to mulch you need a high power cordless mower that can rotate a mulching attachment so that clippings are finely chopped to assist in quick decomposition. The end result is natural fertilizer for your lawn. Such attachments cost extra and are not usually part of the mower assembly. Consider purchasing a mower that provides such an attachment free of cost.
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