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On April 9, 2013
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earthwise 60120
Clean and green, the Earthwise 20″ cordless 60120 lawn mower operates on a battery. Just charge it and then start using it, without having to worry about the environment or your neighbors. While its a green model, there are no compromises in the feature’s department as it is just as well endowed as a gas powered lawn mower. Ball-bearing wheels that make it easier to push around, quick on/off buttons and hardly any assembly needed, the Earthwise 60120 is ready to be used from the word go. This is a very versatile top mounted motor lawn mower that features 3 different discharge options of rear bag, side discharge and mulch. Cushion grip handles are fashioned as a “V” with fold down designs for compact storage so that it never comes in the way of your garage. Furthermore, you will never feel irritated operating this mower for hours thanks to its easy height adjustment single lever design, durable steel construction and nimble movement. It features a large cutting path of about 20 inches and operates on a 24 volt rechargeable removable battery. The electric mower weighs in at just about 92 pounds, perfect for women too.

Our Feedback:

Cordless lawn mowers not only help you become more environment conscious but also help you gain more freedom over your yard. I always thought that for all the advantages that a mobile battery operated mower gave, they were very low powered and less capable than gasoline driven noisy mowers. Well, the Earthwise 60120 changed all that. From the very moment you open the packaging you are taken aback by its design, features and battery power. The battery comes fully charged so you can start using the mower in a jiffy without much assembly required. I could actually mow my entire lawn immediately after unpacking it before it started to whine. Something not mentioned anywhere about the 60120 is that the handle also has a cute battery meter that shows how much juice you have left with its tiny green bars. Together with the safety buttons on the handle for the blade, height adjustment and to stop the mower, I felt I was not losing out on anything by disregarding gas powered mowers.

Whether you use a discharge bag, side discharge or mulch, the blade and motor are powerful enough to go through 12 inch high moist grass with ease. I did manage to maneuver around my soggy lawn soon after a night drenching and get perfect mulch covering the yard for a fresher growth of green grass. Best of all, the batteries hold charge for a really long time and I don’t see any components that are ill designed to not survive as long as a gas powered variant.

Adjusting the wheels to the correct length was a piece of cake as they all moved at once. It was not a multi-step process as with other mowers that we have tested.

Features and Specifications:

  • Indicator lets you know when battery needs a charge
  • Heavy duty workmanship
  • Height adjustment single lever design for 1 3/4 to 3 3/4 inches.
  • Discharge chute, grass catcher and mulch plug included.
  • Safety key and safety blade control present on the handle.
  • Cushion grips, soft touch controls and comfortable V handles.
  • Ball bearing wheels that roll easier and last much longer.
  • Front wheel is 7 inches in diameter and back wheels are 8 inches for additional stability.
  • Electric mower that’s cordless
  • Cuts 20 inches at a time
  • Fold down handle
  • Pick for 7 heights for every length of grass
  • 3 in 1 function
  • Weighs 92 pounds
  • Two year warranty
  • Renewable energy saves the Earth!
  • Easy to start and turn off.
  • Charge on and off mower
  • Quiet
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  • The Pros: A big attention grabber for this lawn mower is that it’s cordless and electric and it will significantly decrease your carbon footprint. The battery is rechargeable and you’ll find there is a TON of juice on just one charge. This lawn mower is powerful, durable and lightweight and would be a great addition for any homeowner.
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  • The Cons: Not many negatives other than you have to recharge the battery.
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
Rating: 4.2/5 (1 vote cast)

Our Rating and Overview::

lawn mower proAlthough many places currently sell the Earthwise 60120, I felt had the best offer. Not only do they offer great discount but also free shipping on large items. There’s a good reason why customers gave this lawn mower a good rating.

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[/note] Conclusion:

In short, the Earthwise 60120 looks perfect for folks who hate maintaining gas powered mowers or the noise associated with them and want something greener and quieter without sacrificing on power and performance. Overall, we would recommend this lawn mower for anyone who is looking for a well-built mower with special features such as the ability to easily change the height or switch from being a rear-bagger to a mulcher to a side mower. It is great for users who are short on space as the handle folds down for easy storage.


2 Responses to “Earthwise 60120 Review”

  1. sonya browne says:

    Hi. This information on lawn mowers sure helped me. Haven’t used one since I was young, mowing in the jurassic age. Have to decide between two of the electric cordless, as I plan on moving and want to resell. Otherwise I would have gotten one of the manuals you described.
    Would have liked a few more reviews. Also, in your review of the earthwise 60120, you said it was perfect for a woman, too. How is a 92 lb. lawn mower perfect for a woman? It weighs almost as much as I do, at 105 lbs. Otherwise, very informative piece. Also, do have a little arthritis in hands, am 5′ tall. Any input as to which to get most appreciated.


    • Mower Reviews Pro says:

      Hey Sonya,

      First off, thanks for your comment!

      We are working on a few more reviews and will upload them within the next couple weeks. Our process of reviewing lawn mowers can be a bit slow because it takes some time to order the mower and test them out. We’d happily suggest the 60120. It’s lighter than most of the top electric mower and it’s and easy to use and assemble.

      Another suggestion is the Greenworks 25012 (click the link to see it), we will be testing this mower in our next batch of reviews because it’s super lightweight and already has a lot customers saying good things.

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