Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Top 10 All Too Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Lawn care is an expensive household chore but one that every homemaker has to engage in. Knowing the 10 most common mistakes made in lawn care can help you keep additional costs down to a minimum. Here is my collection of the top 10 all too common lawn care mistakes compiled from my neighbors, family and friends (a lot from personal experience too).

common lawn care mistakes

1. Going Too Close To Grass Root Level

This is probably the commonest of all mistakes people do. 1/3rd of grass blade is what you must target at most. Anything more than that is cutting too close to the ground. When you mow grass too short it gets stressed and the effective time to re-grow back increases ten folds. Moreover, it can lead to scalping that in turn leads to an increase in weed infestation and a bad looking lawn.

2. Too Much Water

Sprinklers make it simpler to cover more area with less water but it is not a clean license to water without any inhibitions. Watering your lawn day and night in an attempt to keep things fresh can actually promote weed growth and destroy your lawn, plus it increases your maintenance costs exponentially.

3. Improper Fertilization

Synthetic fertilizers contain hot nitrogen. The term, ‘Hot Nitrogen’ refers to nitrogen that can burn or discolor your lawn. The best way to fertilize a lawn therefore is to mulch instead of mow.

4. Improper Pesticide Use

Pesticides should be handled with care because they are poisonous and toxic not only to humans but to the environment too. Read the instructions and use only in limited amounts, as much as is required. Moreover, store, handle and care for them with caution.

5. Forgetting About Soil Health

If the soil of your lawn is bad there is nothing you can do to revive it back. There is a micro-ecosystem that keeps soil healthy. From organic matter to minerals, water content to nitrogen diffusion, thousands of microscopic reactions determine the health of your soil. Test your soil to understand its limitations and what you need to do to keep it in prime condition before making a lawn.

6. Timing Lawn Management

When to apply fertilizers, pesticides, when to aerate, mow are all questions that you need to carefully answer. More important than knowing the answers is to follow through. Based on the season and weather conditions, you have to prepare a chart for timing lawn management.

7. Wrong Grass Type

Every species of grass needs certain set of conditions such as soil type, light exposure and temperature. You can cultivate different grass types but it depends on the shade at any point of time. The best advice is to alternate between cool and warm season species based on your exact climate and location.

8. Ignoring Thatch

Thatch prevents nutrients and water from reaching the roots and penetrating deep into the soil. In return this makes for an unhealthy growing condition promoting diseases and weed infestations. Aerate once in a while or de-thatch.

9. Unrealistic Expectations

People get disillusioned by the perfect lawn and end up spending like crazy to achieve their impossible targets. All you need to do is pay attention to the lawn, soil and grass. As long as you keep the lawn clear of weeds and let the grass grow, nourish with organic fertilizers and aerate regularly, you can expect a decent looking lawn.

10. Unnecessary Resource Utilization

People call themselves passionate about their lawn and end up spending too much in an attempt to get the best results. Spending unnecessarily on water, fertilizers, labor, pesticides and seeds is a bad idea. Try to stay realistic with the resources that you have in hand. At the end of the day, its only grass!

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