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On April 8, 2013
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Black and Decker MM875
Electric energy powers this mower eliminating the need to depend on gasoline or any polluting fuel. Relying on a small 12 Amp motor, it produces sufficient power to mulch and cut deep and wet grass but without the added noise pronounced with gasoline motors. Moreover, it operates continuously without the need to top off with fuel. You can decide on the deck height between 1.25 and 3.5 inch raising and lowering all four wheels with a simple push of a button. Mow often enough and keep it tightly packed along a straight line as its easier to push thanks to its reduced weight. With the comfort grip, you will feel reduced vibrations on the handle thus eliminating end of mowing fatigue commonly observed in gasoline models. The included bag attaches with ease to the mower and can be detached if you wish to mulch or discharge to the sides. The Black & Decker MM875 is a medium to small sized mower that has got a maximum operating radius of 100 feet, perfect for most lawn sizes. Moreover, this mower is protected by a long 2 year full warranty.

Our Thoughts:

Those who have been used to the constant jitters felt through the handle with gas powered mowers will definitely appreciate the Black & Decker MM875 lawn mower because of its vibration free comfort grip design. In fact, the very first time I fired up this electric mower, it was silent and operated without much visible vibrations. Even when I was mulching through grass around 5 inches high, I would feel the power obliterate each and every blade without the associated jerking. This is a definite advantage for all users as vibrations are a mood killer when mowing the yard. Another great feature of the Black & Decker MM875 is its long cord. As it runs for 100 feet, you can leave coils near the yard so that the cord never wounds up on the mower or accidentally get caught under the deck.

Whether I was moving uphill or along a tough tract of land, the Black & Decker MM875 made easy work of the lawn. I could manage plenty of distance before having to stop the mower and give the blades a good clean because of twigs and branches that periodically get stuck. A innovative way around this problem is to use PAM spray or an anti-stick spray so that nothing comes in the way of the deck and cutting blades. Overall, the construction and operation felt rugged enough plus its a benefit that it looks so voguish in appearance – Orange front with black rear.

List of Features:

  • 12 Amp motor provides ample power to bag or mulch.
  • Easy to maintain and start.
  • 19 inch cutting deck and 52 pound total weight.
  • 2 Year limited warranty over all parts and accessories.
  • Handle height adjustment and comfort grip handle.
  • Accessories include mulching insert and rear bag assembly.
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Ease of Assembly
Balance And Handeling
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Our Rating and Overview:

lawn mower proWe suggest you take a look at They are a TON of great reviews by other customers who bought there. has the lowest price on many of the top lawn mowers on the internet. Overall, it’s a great electric lawn mower if you can find it at a good price.

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Our Conclusion:

Electric mowers traditional have a better power to weight ratio and this is evident in the Black & Decker MM875 with its powerful 12 Amp motor. Its approximately equal to a 6.5 HP gas mower, which gives it the ability to move uphill or along the lawn gradient even over tough tracts with twigs and larger thicker grass. If you want a reliable and durable lawn mower without the added complications of a gasoline operated mower, reduced vibrations and better efficiency then the Black & Decker MM875 is ideal for you.

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